Have you ever typed an email and your intuition advised you on what to say or what not to say?

I have had these types of intuitive experiences many times, especially at work. I intuitively hear how to phrase sentences to prevent misunderstandings or provide clarity for certain issues. Or I intuitively feel when not to respond, though I want to hit the “reply” button. It avoids a chain of screaming emails.

My most profound intuitive experiences happen when I intuitively see information in emails that the sender didn’t type. I sensed his or her thoughts. For example, I emailed a colleague to see if he wanted to go to lunch on a Friday. He emailed me back stating that he had to leave early on that Friday, but didn’t say why. When I looked at his email again to delete it, I intuitively saw an inner vision flash in my mind’s eye. The vision showed the sentence: “I have to leave early to pick up my children.” I did a double take and his original words reappeared: “I have to leave early.”

Wanting validation, I emailed him and asked why he had to leave early. He phoned and stated that he had to pick up his two sons from a hospital. We laughed after I explained to him what had occurred. At that point, I realized I had to be careful of what is typed in emails versus what I sensed in emails, to avoid revealing people’s thoughts about personal matters.

I would love to hear about your intuitive experiences with emails.

I sometimes hear or read that we have to be in a “still” place for our intuition to work. I never agreed with that statement because I often found myself in busy or chaotic situations in which my intuition communicated “loud and clear.”

I recall a time when my NJ flight arrived later than scheduled at PA’s airport. I doubted I would catch my flight back to GA. I intuitively heard my inner voice say, “You’ll make it.” I boarded a slow-moving shuttle bus driven from one terminal to another. I got off and ran to a third terminal toward my flight’s gate that felt as if was a mile away. Again, I intuitively heard my inner voice say, “You’ll make it. Keep running.” I reached the gate five minutes before flight attendants sealed the airplane door. My luggage made it, too.

I know, based on my own intuitive experiences, that our intuition communicates to us twenty-four hours a day, regardless of our situations. We just have to be aware of it. How about you?

I hear a number of clients say, “My intuition told me what to do, but I didn’t listen to it.” One client couldn’t figure out why she didn’t listen to her intuition, while another knew why. There’s always a reason.

Two main reasons why people ignore their intuition are doubt and fear. They doubt that the intuitive messages they receive are true or will come true. It could be routine information, such as your intuition whispering, “Watch where you step.” It’s protecting you from tripping over someone or something and suffering an injury. Or it could be lifesaving information, such as your intuition shouting, “Don’t get in the car with that driver!” It’s protecting you from a dangerous person looking to harm you or a good person whose careless driving will lead to a serious accident.

People also fear what their intuition communicates to them because it isn’t detected by their physical senses or it changes what they believe about people, places, and things–about themselves. For example, you believe a dear friend will help you take care of errands when you’re sick. Your intuition warns, “They won’t call you or show up.” If they’ve always been there for you, you won’t believe it until it happens that way. The truth shall set you free and can make you miserable at the same time.

If this applies to you, why do you ignore your intuition?

I intuitively feel resistance in my chest when I am about to say or do something that isn’t in my best interest. I might want to reply to an email a certain way, express my opinion during a business meeting, or help a friend who asks for a favor. My intuition warns me, through a resistant feeling, because my email reply will start an argument, my opinion will shock meeting attendees, or my friend needs to help himself. My intuition saves me from having a lot of problems.

Have you intuitively felt a resistance not to say or do something, in your daily living?

In my May Discover Your Intuition Newsletter, (http://www.inspirationandintuition.com/newsletters/nl052009.pdf), I included an article about a NJ woman who discovered she had breast cancer, after her doctor told her nothing was wrong. I intuitively felt certain the article would help someone detect a hidden health crisis. However, I didn’t know it would be someone I knew. A friend said she read the article, and it “struck” her. In July, she discovered she had breast cancer and is now undergoing radiation therapy. I pray for her recovery and for others facing similar or different health challenges.

Has your intuition ever signaled a health crisis for you or someone else, before a doctor diagnosed it?

On May 25, I attended a Memorial Day event in Smyrna, GA. The event honored active duty military personnel, military reservists, and military veterans (living and deceased). Being an Army veteran myself, I appreciated when the military band played the theme song for each branch of service. I loved hearing the heroic story of World War II veteran and former POW, Ed LaPorta. Ninety-two years old, he told how he carried his best friend and fellow Army solider, during an 85-mile relocation march. Every time he felt tired and weak, he prayed to God. A surge of energy carried him onward. He saved his friend’s life.

Have you ever intuitively felt a surge of energy when you felt tired and weak, but needed to accomplish a major goal or objective … or save someone’s life?

I complete an Excel file listing items I donated to charity. I save the file and prepare to close it when I intuitively feel discomfort that indicates something is wrong with the file…an error. I review it and discover my numbering is off, for items 50 through 60. I correct it.

Recall if you ever had an intuitive experience cluing you to an error in a document you created.


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